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KIN aims to build an active New Zealand community in the Netherlands and create opportunities for its members to build relationships with each other and maintain strong links to New Zealand.


KIN is a network of over 1,500 Kiwis living in the Netherlands


We know it's tough being away from home sometimes. Connect with fellow Kiwis, Dutchies and other expats


We try to host an event once a quarter to get together and connect in person

Meet the Team

We're a friendly bunch of Kiwi expats who get together regularly to help bring Kiwi & international communities together
Mark Beker

Mark Beker

CEO: Innoseis BV

One of the founding members of KIN, Mark does a stellar "Blue Steel" impression and is the proud owner of a PhD in gravitational wave detectors... whatever that means...*

Mat Spencer

Mat Spencer

Director Global Marketing: Ingenico

Mat with one "t" Spencer is another founding member of KIN. Mat is what's known as a "marketing wizard" with a little bit of experience in media. After a stint in London, he made the wise choice of moving to the Netherlands - much to our delight.

Jo Taylor

Jo Taylor

User Research Project Specialist: BOOKING.COM

Jo is what some would refer to as "a legend" in the KIN community. Rumour has it one time she got Aunty Helen (Clark) to join KIN at the movies. As a native, we're glad to have Jo driving the KIN Facebook community.

Cynthia Garton

Cynthia Garton

Cynthia moved to the Netherlands from London in 2015 after kicking off her legal career in NZ, Australia and the UK. Her experience of working in three countries as a Kiwi expat uniquely enables her to understand the challenges expats face when building a new life in a foreign country.

Although a fully qualified NZ lawyer, Cynthia recently made a switch to legal business development, as she loves building and managing relationships with people all around the globe.

Outside of work and growing KIN's network, Cynthia is an avid road cyclist and may be spotted somewhere around the country on her bike training for the next event or race. Failing that, you might just find her supporting the Dutch National Ballet in her other role as a Young Patron.

Sam Liddell

Sam Liddell

Marketing Director: Locatify

Sam is one of the more recent KIN recruits. Hates a cold beer and seems to have a tough time staying in one place - frequently "traveling for work" he says from a laptop on a beach somewhere.

Charin Singh

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